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Beat Sugar Cravings with Herbal Teas

By :Sheilesh Shah 0 comments
Beat Sugar Cravings with Herbal Teas
Throughout December, the office I work in is always cluttered with tins of biscuits, mince pies and sweets. It becomes quite a challenge to walk past, especially when I'm under pressure to meet a tight deadline before the Christmas Vacation and feel the need to comfort eat.

I've found that a good way to banish sugar cravings is to distract yourself with fruit infused water or a strong tasting herbal tea.

I've since discovered the Chai Express tea range (you can find the full range on the Chai Xpress website). The Green Tea & Spearmint flavour is wonderful for not only freshening my breath but also puts me off following up the tea's deliciously strong flavour with biscuits and other unhealthy snacks.

Chai Xpress teas are free from any artificial flavourings or preservatives and are 100% natural, premium blends. These refreshing teas are packed full of vitamins A, C and B6, antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as having relaxing and stress relieving qualities.

I also think taking the time out of your work day to boil the kettle and make a brew is a handy way to get you away from the computer screen, speaking to your colleagues and taking a short break away from the pre-vacation pressure.

...Cuppa anyone?
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