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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1978 under the auspice of importing exotic foods and spices, Fudco has expanded and is now an established multinational natural health company. With over 35 years of retail, wholesale and distribution experience in the ethnic markets, including distribution of many tea brands, we identified a need within the industry for a spiced teabag product range that uses the authentic blends of the East in traditional combinations of black teas and exotic spices.  

Our product development team were inspired to create Chai Xpress; we truly believe that there is no other product range that simulates loose spiced tea like Chai Xpress, combining authenticity with a truly premium taste and aroma.  

The creators of Chai Xpress have travelled the world sourcing the finest tea blends and purest authentic spices for our Chai Xpress range of teas. Our mission is to harness the inherent qualities and exceptional properties of natural ingredients, and as such, all of our Chai Xpress teas are free from any artificial flavourings or preservatives, and are 100% natural, premium blends.