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Pure Kenya Tea


Enjoy Chai Xpress Pure Kenyan Tea, rich aroma and full-bodies taste from Kenya's Rift valley highlands 

  • 100% pure Kenyan Tea is characterised by its intense brightness.
  • Richest, smoothest blend from east of the Rift Valley in Kenya.
  • Our Kenyan Tea has been selected to appeal to the more discerning tea drinker, it is truly the connoisseurs' choice of the best tea Kenya has to offer.

Kenya, on the Eastern coast of Africa, is the world's third largest producer and exporter of Black tea that is renowned worldwide. Kenya being so close to the equator enjoys tea production all year round. The country is endowed with tropical, volcanic red soil and well-distributed rainfall and the main feature that makes Kenya so ideal for tea growing is the rich highlands of Kenya where tea is grown. 

We do not blend our tea with any other tea form other countries and provide you pure 100% Natural Kenyan Tea selected from the finest equatorial gardens. 

Kenyan teas are famous for their brightness, attractive colur, brisk flavour, textures and delicate and fragrant aroma

  • Blended Black Tea